I am Ching Lam, a rising Year 2 Artificial Intelligence: Systems & Technologies (AIST) student from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, passionate about fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Since August 2019, I have been advised by Professor Hongsheng Li as a research mentee at CUHK’s Multimedia Laboratory. Presently, I am also a research intern at the NVIDIA AI Technology Center Hong Kong (since May 2020), where I work on CV and multi-modal research.

Academic Interests

I am fascinated by CV fields of generative models, representation & multi-modal learning and video understanding, as well as by ML concepts of explainability, robustness (distributional, adversarial), generalisation. In particular, I am interested in multi-modally conditioned GANs for video generation, as well as unifying mathematical optimisation techniques and meta-learning to improve CNN interpretability and reprogramming/transfer ability.

Future Aspirations

Upon graduation in 2024, I am determined to pursue a PhD in Computer Science in the US/UK, delving deep into CV and ML research. During my PhD studies, I aim hone my instincts as a researcher, developing an intuition for ideas with great potential and the skills necessary to transform ideas into influential research.